Camino De Santiago: I May Grumble But I´ll Never Crumble


Hello, my friends!

I’m on the Road to Santiago!  It’s been a tale of two halves – the Camino gives and it takes but I´m still having the time of my life!

I shall not lie to you. After walking 150km of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in 6 days, my feet are hurting. My legs? My legs are still going strong!

I have a friction burn on my back from my backpack which has blistered. I patched myself up and today was the hardest day even though I only walked 15km.   The experience reminded me of the gifts that the Camino brings and one of them is willpower.

I may grumble but I never crumble.

Because we all “want” to do certain things in life.  Think about it.  I bet you have a wish list!

Today, I wanted to walk the 15km but I had to change my thoughts to “I WILL WALK 15KM” to make it happen.

And that´s what the Camino gives you.  If I could push through my physical and mental pain to make it happen, I can use the same willpower to do anything.

I am the girl who never backs down from life.

Many people come off the Camino with the same willpower.  It´s assertiveness and it turns the wants into wills!

Join me for a 7-day magical adventure on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in 2019.  Visit Camino de Santiago or click the link below for full details.

Buen Camino!

Samantha xxx