Camino De Santiago: I May Grumble But I´ll Never Crumble


Hello, my friends!

I’m on the Road to Santiago!  It’s been a tale of two halves – the Camino gives and it takes but I´m still having the time of my life!

I shall not lie to you. After walking 150km of the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in 6 days, my feet are hurting. My legs? My legs are still going strong!

I have a friction burn on my back from my backpack which has blistered. I patched myself up and today was the hardest day even though I only walked 15km.   The experience reminded me of the gifts that the Camino brings and one of them is willpower.

I may grumble but I never crumble.

Because we all “want” to do certain things in life.  Think about it.  I bet you have a wish list!

Today, I wanted to walk the 15km but I had to change my thoughts to “I WILL WALK 15KM” to make it happen.

And that´s what the Camino gives you.  If I could push through my physical and mental pain to make it happen, I can use the same willpower to do anything.

I am the girl who never backs down from life.

Many people come off the Camino with the same willpower.  It´s assertiveness and it turns the wants into wills!

I created and wrote my Find Your Roar Assertiveness Training within a week of finishing my 2016 Camino de Santigo walk.  To help you turn your wants into wills and become assertive in your own life.

In celebration of my victory on the Camino today, I´m offering a 24-hour sale on my  Find Your Roar Assertiveness Training.

If you are ready to be the girl who never backed down from life, sign up today for just $48.00.

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Buen Camino!

Samantha xxx