Camino de Santiago: I´m Nearly Home (65km To Go!)


Hello, my friends

Yes, I’m just 65km away from the end of my Camino.  Santiago here I come!

In some ways, I feel as if my 2018 Camino de Santiago has only just got started.  My body is now at one with the Camino and I´m walking on air, my friends.  My bum and thighs have had the workout of a lifetime! (one of the many bonuses of walking 300km).

This Camino has been a lot more fun.  The walk along the coast was like a holiday and, even if my body has protested on a regular basis, I´ve really enjoyed the physical challenge.  Got to keep on, keeping on!

More than that, the Camino bubble that every Pilgrim enters has been a much-needed breath of fresh air.

I´m living in gratitude that I was brave enough to make such massive life changes seven years ago by leaving my legal career behind.  That I was brave enough to begin again in the beautiful country of Spain which I´m so happy to call my home.

I am here on the Camino de Santiago today because I knew that I deserved more and had the courage to go after the life of my dreams.  I wanted it so badly that all the challenges I´ve faced in the last seven years have been more than worth it.

Most importantly. I love the person that I´ve become.  I look in the mirror every day and know that I am the person that I was born to be yet still a work-in-progress. That I´m living a life that I always imagined.

Join me for a 7-day magical adventure on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in 2019.  Visit Camino de Santiago or click the link below for full details.

(c) Samantha Wilson 2018. All Rights Reserved.