Camino de Santiago: It´s All About Letting Go


Hello, my friends

Yes, I’m just 42km away from the end of my Camino.  Santiago here I come!

As you may know, this is my second Camino.  I walked the 700km French Way in 2016 and the experience changed me forever.

Yes, the Camino really does have such a big effect and it´s all down to letting go.

Perhaps it´s your body protesting at the long distances walked every day.  The burn of your feet from the rough paths you take. The sting of your rucksack which feels like such a heavy load.  The sleepless nights awake in a room with strangers and the relentless snores.

Perhaps all of the above takes you so far out of your usual comfort zone that you start to let go.  You let go.

You see, we all carry inner burdens and baggage, negative thoughts about ourselves and others, all of which holds us back.  Keeps us down.  Stops us from reaching our full potential or knowing that we deserve more.  Only by dropping these burdens and baggage can our true self can shine through.

That´s when the spirit of the Camino comes rushing in.  You feel alive, my friends.  You feel on fire.

That´s what happened to me in 2016.  By the time I  finished the Camino, I had found my real and authentic self.  I was absolutely on fire.  This reflected in my work and my life.

And it all came down to letting go.

The creation of my Free Your Wild Program was influenced by my Camino 2016 journey to help you on your Camino of life.  To let go and find your authentic self.  To set yourself on fire.

I want to inspire you to go after the life of your dreams by letting go AND celebrate reaching my goal of completing another 300km Camino de Santiago.

Join me for a 7-day magical adventure on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in 2019.  Visit Camino de Santiago or click the link below for full details.

Buen Camino!
Samantha xxx