Camino de Santiago: It´s All About The Journey


I arrived in Santiago de Compostela, the final resting place of St James and the end of my Camino on Thursday.  In fact, all Caminos officially end in Santiago, just like all Roads lead to Rome.

As I walked through the crowded streets of Santiago towards the Cathedral, I was hit by so many memories of my 2016 walk.  The cobbled roads, quaint squares, memorabilia pedlars and, above all else, the number of Pilgrims walking with me. I knew my way, my friends.  I never forget the streets of a city.

I had the same feeling as before.  I wasn´t ready for my Camino to finish.  I wanted to arrive at the Albergue, have a hot shower, put my feet up and chat away with my fellow Pilgrims.

You see, the Camino de Santiago is not really about the destination.  It´s all about the journey; the footsteps you take, the pilgrims you meet and the memories that you make.  Arriving in Santiago isn´t an anticlimax as such; its the end of an experience that feels so good that you don´t want it to stop.

As I sat in front of the Cathedral, sharing stories with other Pilgrims, I felt a deep feeling of awe that an experience like the Camino exists and blessed that I´ve been able to walk not one but two Camino de Santiago.  I didn´t have much time to let the experience sink in as my next adventure was about to start.  An adventure that is a dream come true and means I´ll walk the sacred paths of the Camino many times in the years to come.

That´s right, I´m offering you, my tribe, the opportunity to come walk with me on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago.  To experience the spirit of the Camino and the life of a Pilgrim for seven magical days until we reach the Cathedral in Santiago, our final destination place.

If you would like to join me, visit my Camino de Santiago page for full details or click the link below.

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