Camino De Santiago: Let The Adventure Begin!


Hello, my friends

Yes, I´m on the Road to Santiago!

My 2018 Camino de Santiago began on Wednesday in the wonderful city of Porto.

Since then, I´ve walked 25 kilometres a day along the Silver Coast of Northern Portugal.

I won´t lie to you – I´m feeling every single footstep – the first three days of the Camino are the killer days when your body buckles and, if your feet could talk, they’d be cursing you.

You have to get through the first three days.  There´s no way around it.  Only through the pain and beyond.

But I love the Camino and it´s so good to be back on the road!

I was a little unsure about my decision to walk the coastal Camino here in Portugal. Would the experience feel the same as the more traditional inland routes? It’s been a breath of fresh air, my friends. The unspoiled and deserted beaches are stunning and I can always take a dip in the ocean when the going gets too hot. I made the right decision.

The Camino has taking care of me.  I´ve slept in a little cabin my the Atlantic Ocean and woke up this morning with a view of the Rio Douro in my own room.  Blessed!

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Join me for a 7-day magical adventure on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in 2019.  Visit Camino de Santiago or click the link below for full details.

Buen Camino!

Samantha x