Camino De Santiago: Why Dreams Do Come True


Hello, my friends

Yes, I’m just 25km away from the end of my Camino.  Santiago here I come!

I´m sharing a picture from my Camino, taken somewhere along the Minho River in Portugal.  What´s that? you might ask.  It´s one of the many special rituals of the Camino.  Here´s why..

The Shell is the symbol of the Camino and most Pilgrims will tie a shell to their backpack to show that they are indeed Pilgrims on the Road to Santiago.  I have the same one from my 2016 Camino, my friends, and it´s one of my most prized possessions.

Some Pilgrims choose to leave their shells behind by tying them to a rack like this one.

No one really knows why or how such rituals came about but I like to think that the shells, blowing in the wind, are the dreams, hopes and wishes of every Pilgrim.

Almost like a dandelion, they are making a wish or have a dream and they are sending it out to the Universe to come true.

Dreams are conceived on the Camino.  I´ve experienced it myself and the Camino continues to inspire Pilgrims to make their dreams happen, long after the physical walk is through.  Every dream begins with a wish, my friends.  Dreams can come true.

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