Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Together. Don’t Be Afraid To Like It.


One of my favourite quotes is “Don’t be afraid to walk alone.  Don’t be afraid to like it”.  I’m an experienced solo traveller and I inspire women to go it alone to experience the freedom of walking their own path.

Yet in a strange twist of fate, I’m asking my tribe to come walk with me on the Camino de Santiago.  Together.  To keep each other company along the way.  To cheer each other on.  To share our stories and our lives.  To bond with one another and make connections that may last a lifetime.

Yet each of us will make our own way to Camino and each of us must walk every step along the way. No one else can do this for us. We’ll all experience the Camino in a different way.  We’ll just be doing it together.  We’ll all be walking our own way yet walking each other home.

So, after walking two Caminos solo, I am thrilled to have the opportunity of walking together on the Camino de Santiago this September.  My new favourite phrase is “Don’t be afraid to walk together and don’t be afraid to like it”.  I can’t wait to meet you on the Camino and the memories we will make!

If you want to join me on a magical adventure on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago in 2019, I have limited places available.  Visit Portuguese Camino de Santiago or click the link below.  I hope you join me.

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