The Camino Is Calling And I Must Go!


Buen Camino!

So many of you who have signed up or expressed an interest in my Camino de Santiago adventures have said that you have felt the call to walk one of the sacred Camino paths.

Perhaps it is a dream come true to experience the spirit of the Camino de Santiago and Pilgrim life.

Some of you have gone through hard times of late and, instinctually, you know that the Camino is the perfect place to lay down the past and rejuvenate. To hope, believe and dream again.

Some of you will walk the Camino with a question and find the answer along the way.

Some of you want to feel the spirit of the Camino. That we are all in this together, walking ourselves and each other home. To find the magic in the mundane of walking every day.

And some of you want to come along to meet me and hear my Camino stories. I´ll cheer you along the way and we´ll arrive together at Santiago.

Whatever the reason, the Camino speaks to the heart of each person. All you have to do is listen and it will show you the way.

If you feel the call to walk the Camino de Santiago with me in 2019, visit my Portuguese Camino de Santiago page for full details.

If you are ready to experience the spirit of the Camino de Santiago and the life of a Pilgrim, you can sign up at Portuguese Camino de Santiago.

We´ll walk together on the Road to Santiago and see what magic awaits us.

Places are limited… don´t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime! I hope you join me.

Buen Camino!
Samantha xxx

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