Keeping It Wild On The Camino De Santiago


Since I launched My Camino de Santiago trip, so many people have asked “Is this a “Free Your Wild Coaching Trip?”

The answer is No and here´s why…

I´m going to let the Camino work its magic on you.

You see, the Camino is the wild and the wild is the magic, my friend.  Walking the Camino will free your wild if you let it work its magic on you.

Ask any Pilgrim who has walked the sacred Camino paths.  Walking the Camino opens you up to a different level of being. A much happier place to be. You´ll let go of the bad stuff.  The emotional crap that is weighing you down.  The debris of living in a crazy world.

You´ll fall back in love with life again.  You´ll remember your dreams and find the answers that evade you in the mundane of everyday life.

You´ll come away from the Camino with an “I will” attitude, filled to the brim with determination and willpower to go back into real life, because you´ve been through an experience that has tested you,  Yet you made it.

Courage?  You´ll have it by the bucketload.

You´ll be left with memories that last a lifetime and, for some like me, an addiction to the Camino spirit and life of a Pilgrim.

Most of all, you´ll come off the Camino ready to keep it real.  To keep it wild.  To take everything you have learnt and apply it to your life.

So, there´s really no need for coaching on the Camino.  The Camino will work its magic on you.

Instead, I´ll make sure that everything runs smoothly leaving you to enjoy your Camino.

I will wander with you, side by side, as you come alive again.

I´ll share my stories with you and, in turn, I want to hear yours.

I´ll be your cheerleader.  The one who whispers a quiet word of encouragement to keep on keeping on when the going gets tough.

And if all else fails, I will make you laugh.  I´ll make you laugh so much that you might even wet yourself (kidding!).  You´ll have no choice but to feel the magic.  The magic that is the wild that is the Camino de Santiago.

So, if you are ready to keep it wild on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago, come and wander me on my seven-day Wild Camino Journey.  I will keep you wild!  Click the link below for full details.  I hope you join me.

(c) Samantha Wilson 2018. All Rights Reserved.