Note To Self: You Are Not Too Old And It’s Never Too Late


The question that I am asked most often on my Camino de Santiago trips is – “What´s the age group for this trip? Am I too old for this?”

Of course, the answer is no.

This is a Camino for everyone and here´s a short quote that shows why

I feel in every girl
there lives a spirit,
a wild pixie,
that if let go,
would run and dance in grassy fields
until the end of the world.

And when that girl grows up,
that pixie hides,
but it is always there,
peeking out behind old eyes
and reading glasses,
laughing, waiting,
to one day dance again

– Atticus

We all have a wild pixie inside that is forever young, regardless of our age.  The Camino de Santiago is the perfect place to let our wild pixie run free.  To rekindle the magical feeling of our youth.

So, remember, if you have a dream of walking the Camino de Santiago, you are never too old and it´s never too late to make your dream a reality.  We´re here to do all we can to make it happen.

As always, if you have any questions feel free to get in touch.  You can contact us through the box on the Wild Camino Page.

If you would like to come and wander the Portuguese Camino de Santiago with me next summer, experiencing the Camino spirit and life of a Pilgrim, visit Wild Camino Journey or click the link below for full details and to sign up.  I hope to meet you on the Camino!

(c) Samantha Wilson 2018. All Rights Reserved.