The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Buen Camino


Following on from my post “Will You Join The Buen Camino Tribe? it doesn´t matter which Camino de Santiago route you take, the hills are alive with the sound of Buen Camino.

Buen Camino translates to “Good Way” or “Good Road” and is the greeting Pilgrims share on the Camino.  That´s right.  Every Pilgrim you pass or meet on the road, you give them a little bit of love with a Buen Camino and they give it right back to you.

It’s a beautiful greeting because, unlike real life, everybody means it.

It’s said with vigour and with meaning which is surprising; as a Pilgrim on the Camino, you may find yourself saying Buen Camino a 100 times a day.

A Buen Camino at just the right time can give you a mental lift and keep you going.

But it’s lovely.  It gives you a fuzzy feeling.  It makes you feel like you belong because you do belong.  You belong to the Buen Camino Tribe.

Indeed, one of the things I miss the most after my Caminos is the greeting and sound of Buen Camino.  Which is why I am lucky to live in Porto, one of the starting points of the Portuguese Camino.  I am surrounded by Pilgrims who will always return my Buen Camino.  How do I spot them in such a big city?  The hiking boots and rucksack could be a giveaway but, usually, it´s the Pilgrim Shell.  The universal symbol of the Pilgrim gives the game away every time.

So, Buen Camino, my friends, may you have a good way in life.

If you would like to join the Buen Camino Tribe, come and wander the Portuguese Camino de Santiago with me next summer.  Visit Wild Camino Journeys or click the link below for details.

Places are limited.  Don´t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime!

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