The Life Of A Pilgrim: Finding The Magical In The Mundane


Walk the Camino de Santiago and you will join the Buen Camino Tribe.  A Camino Pilgrim ready to experience a simple way of living for a period of time.  Searching for the magical in the mundane.

If you meet a Pilgrim who has walked the Road to Santiago, you´ll see that their eyes light up when they talk about their Camino.

You´ll hear the magic they found along the way in their words and stories yet walking the Camino is very simple.

You get up every day, walk to your destination, eat, sleep and repeat.   How simple could that be?  Sounds a little mundane, right?

Yet in the simple and mundane you find the magic of the Camino.

In the fresh air and sunshine.  In the nature that surrounds you and the birdsong that keeps you company.  In the peace and quiet, you let go of your troubles, your worries and even your pain.

You can hear yourself think without the noise of everyday life.

You replenish your body and connect with your soul.

You have time to ponder all of the questions that you never have time to answer.

You have the company of other Pilgrims, all of you experiencing the Camino spirit of kindness and tolerance.  Each of you walking by yourself and each other to Santiago.

You remember that the world is a beautiful place. That anything is possible if you dare to believe.

You find your belief in yourself and what you can really achieve.

You become the Camino.  You become the Way.  You find the magical in the mundane of Camino life and then you take the magic back home.

That´s why Camino spirit is priceless, my friends because you found the magical in the mundane.  Once you know how to find the magic?  You can tap into it again and again through the mundane of everyday life.

That´s why the Camino spirit is absolute solid gold.

If you would like to experience the Camino spirit and life of a Pilgrim, join me on a seven-day adventure on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago next summer.  Let´s see what magic awaits us as we wander the way together.  Click the link below for full details.

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