Wild Camino: You Can Go Your Own Way


I´ve taken a line from the Fleetwood Mac song for this post.  You Can Go Your Own Way is one of my top ten Camino songs (another post for another day!)

I´ve received so many enquiries from you saying “Walking the Camino de Santiago is a dream of mine.  Is this walk for me?” for a variety of different reasons.

Some of you are worried about the walking distance or whether you are in the right age group.  You may have health issues yet you have a dream, my friends and we are here to make your dream a reality.

There is a saying on the Camino  “It´s not you and the way.  It´s your Camino. Your Way” which basically means every person´s Camino is different and we aim to ensure that you walk your own way, taking into account your needs.

We provide a comfortable bed and a nourishing breakfast.  A place to have a hearty Pilgrim Dinner, good company and a glass or two of vino if that tickles your fancy.  We give support on the Camino as I walk beside you and a vehicle on the route, not just in case of any accidents, but to pick you up if you can´t manage the full distance on any given day.

We transport your luggage between hotels so you are free to walk unburdened and did I mention that some of the hotels have swimming pools?  Yes, my friends, we´ll only be walking in the mornings so there will be time for rest and relaxation.

In essence, we take care of the mundane so that you can enjoy the magic!

This is a Camino for everyone.  To walk your way at your own speed, in your own time and to stop whenever you like.  I have strong legs, my friends.  I’ll be darting back and forth on the Camino, checking in with the tortoises and the hares.

So, if you have a dream to walk the Camino but you are unsure for any reason, drop me a line through the Wild Camino Page.  Let me know your thoughts and let’s see if I can reassure you.

The Camino is calling, do you want to come along?  Join me on a seven-day adventure on the Portuguese Camino next summer.  Visit Wild Camino Journeys or click the link below.

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