Camino de Santiago: This Is Home


Buen Camino!

I´m sharing sunrise on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago with you today.  It was such a beautiful day,  So fresh.  So peaceful as the sun gently broke through the clouds and shone it´s rays down upon me.

You may know that I decided to make Spain my home seven years ago.  I walked across the whole of Northern Spain on my French Camino de Santiago in 2016.

I had the pleasure of walking along the stunning Atlantic Coast of Northern Portugal, heading north through Spain to reach Santiago this year on the Portuguese Camino de Santigo.

I’ve walked 1000km of the Camino de Santiago routes and I can’t wait to walk more!

Since then, my passion for the Camino has brought me a new home here in Porto, Portugal.  I have a brand new country to explore.

This is home, my friend.  Spain and Portugal are my countries of choice because I love everything about them and I can´t wait to share the beauty of the places we´ll walk along the Road to Santiago.  I want to share my passion for the people, the culture, the food and, most of all, my passion for the Camino.

Because walking the Camino feels like coming home to myself.  The place where I feel the most alive and I can´t wait for you to experience this feeling too.

So, come and see my beautiful home, my friend.  Let´s explore the Camino de Santiago together on my  Wild Camino Journeys in 2019.

We´ll walk together on the Road to Santiago and see what magic awaits us.

Places are limited… don´t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime!

If you have any questions, reach out to us by replying to this email or through the contact box on the Wild Camino Page.

Click Wild Camino Journey for full details. I hope you join me.

Buen Camino!
Samantha xxx

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