Introducing Camino Willy


Buen Camino!

It´s time to introduce William, my six year old rescue pup. Doesn´t he look like he´s smiling!

I adopted Willy six years ago.  He´d been rescued from a Spanish farmer out in the Campo in Spain, along with his Mum and brother they named Harry (little Princes!).

He was half-starved, terrified of humans and other dogs.  He was a beautiful mess but six years on, he has turned into a confident little chap and the best dog a woman could have.

He´s a little man with little legs but he can walk for miles, my friend! He can scale the side of a mountain like a goat.  He´s a bit of an adventurer is our Willy and I´m delighted to be taking him out with me on the Camino de Santiago this winter and spring while I prepare for the Wild Camino Journeys next summer.

As I´m not a fan of selfies, Willy will take centre stage on the photographs from our jaunts. So, I decided that Willy should have his own Instagram Page and Camino Willy was born.  You can check out his page on Instagram at “Camino Willy”

If you would like to come and meet Willy on the Camino de Santiago next summer, check out our  Wild Camino Journeys for 2019

We´ll walk together on the Road to Santiago and see what magic awaits us.

Places are limited… don´t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime!

If you have any questions, reach out to us by replying to this email or through the contact box on the Wild Camino Page.

Click Wild Camino Journey or the link below for full details. I hope you join me.

Buen Camino!
Samantha xxx

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