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Are you in touch with your inner sensuality?

Have you mistaken the bud of youth for the bloom of womanhood?

Have you unlocked your feminine gifts of intuition, imagination, curiosity and your creativity?

Are you growing wilder?

Just like a wildflower, you must allow yourself to bloom in all the places you never thought you could.

Awaken your feminine energy and bloom wildly.

I created the Growing Wilder Journey Through Chakras to guide you on a journey to awaken your feminine energy.

Your feminine energy is your life force, your spark, your vitality and inner sensuality.

When you awaken and cleanse your feminine energy,  you increase your levels of vitality and connect to your inner sensuality and creativity.

You bloom wildly. Inside and Out.

When you sign up for my Growing Wilder E-Course, I will guide you to work with your feminine energy including how to clear any blocks to your creative flow.

You´ll receive

10 X 1 Hour Growing Wilder lessons 

We´ll Cover

  • The Life Cycle of a Woman
  • Why we mistake the Bud of Youth for the Bloom of Womanhood
  • How to disengage from the Beauty Myth to connect to your Inner Sensuality
  • An Introduction to your Feminine Energy
  • Journey Through Your Individual Chakras as we explore your Feminine Energy
  • How to cleanse and protect your Feminine Energy
  • How to connect to your Feminine Gifts Of Intuition, Imagination & Empathy
  • How to awaken your Feminine Energy to Bloom Wildly

The Growing Wilder E-Course INCLUDES 3 Bonus MP3 Guided Meditations 

  • Growing Wilder Energy Cleanse
  • Growing Wilder Connect With Your Individual Chakra
  • Growing Wilder Awaken Your Feminine Energy

By the end of the E-Course, you´ll have the knowledge and tools to connect with your inner sensuality and creativity.

The Growing Wilder Journey Through The Chakras E-Course is available now.

There are no time or location limits – you’ll have forever access to the online materials so you can begin when you are ready and take as long as you need to complete.

It´s your time to bloom.

$28.00  $88.00

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