Meet Samantha


She would soak up the sun, kiss the breeze and she would fly regardless

I´m a free spirit with wandering feet and a soul hungry for adventure.   I’m from the UK and lived a wild life of freedom in Andalucia, Spain until 2018 when I moved to Porto, Portugal.

I wasn’t always this way……

Until 2011, I was a Lawyer with a workaholic lifestyle.  I had my enough is finally enough moment and made my break for freedom.

I left the UK and my legal career behind to begin again in Andalucia, Spain.

Since then,  I’ve been living a great adventure!

I’ve lived in the mountains and by the ocean; in cities, pueblos, villages and an olive farm all across Andalucia.   My travels have taken me far and wide around Spain and beyond including the Camino de Santiago French Way 700km trek across Northern Spain, in August 2016 and the Camino de Santiago Portuguese Way 270km trek in July 2018.  I´ve become a collector of stories and lessons learnt along the way.

In August 2018, I moved to Porto, Portugal and I´m inviting you to join me on the Portuguese Camino de Santiago for a magical 7-day adventure.  You can find out more at Portuguese Camino de Santiago

As I transitioned into my new state of being, I began the most important relationship of my life. My relationship with myself. The last six years have been a journey of self-discovery as I delved into the very depths of my being and carved out an authentic life based on what truly makes my soul happy.

I retrained as a Life Coach and now help others to create a life that they love through my Free Your Wild Program.

I discovered my love for the metaphorical pen and paper and love nothing more than getting on my soapbox to share stories of my adventures as a wild and free woman and all of the lessons I´ve learnt along the way.

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