Meet Samantha


She would soak up the sun, kiss the breeze and she would fly regardless

Hello and thank you for visiting me!

I´m a certified Life Coach and Writer with wandering feet and a soul hungry for adventure.   I’m from the UK and now live a life of freedom in Andalucia, Spain.

I wasn’t always this way……

I look back on my life and feel a little like Benjamin Button. I was born old and will die young in spirit.

I took the serious path in my teens and early twenties.  By the time I qualified as a Lawyer on the 25th birthday, I was second in command of a litigation department, owned my own property, car and all the trappings.

The day I qualified as a lawyer, I felt overwhelmed.  I should have felt elated; I had climbed my own personal mountain and achieved my end goal. I felt the reality of the next forty years ahead, on an endless clock, in a stuffy office, round and round on a metaphorical hamster wheel.

I felt sick at the thought of it.

Sixteen months later amid calls of career suicide, I set off on what would be my first travelling adventure.

They say that to travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer and I agree.

For the first time in my life I understood what is was to be rather than do.

To be wild instead of tame.

It’s fair to say that when I returned to the UK, I was not the same person. I returned to law and a corporate life for another 8 years yet I knew there was another way.

I carried a sense of wildness, “I will not be tamed” attitude that I have not been able to shake off since nor do I want to.

Travel was my call to the wild and a love affair was born.  Like a thirst that will never be quenched, I am greedy for experiences and life altering lessons which ultimately led me to leave my legal career behind and forge a new path as a Life Coach and Writer.

I retired from a career to start creating a life.

I realised enough was finally enough and made my break for freedom in 2011, leaving behind the UK and my legal career to begin again in Andalucia, Spain.

As I transitioned into my new state of being, I began the most important relationship of my life.  My relationship with myself. The last five years have been a journey of self-discovery as I delved into the very depths of my being and carved out an authentic life based on what truly makes my soul happy.  I freed my wild….To be wild is to be free!

I developed a non-location based Life Coaching business which means I can work anywhere in the world.

For the last five years, I’ve coached women to free their wild and start living the life they’d always imagined.

I also discovered my love for the metaphorical pen and paper and love nothing more than getting on my soap box and sharing stories of my adventures and the lessons learned along the way.

Curiosity is my middle name and my message is one of freedom.

I freed my wild….will you?

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