Rise Of The Empath

Empathy is emotional intelligence.  This intelligence is spreading far and wide around the world, in the hearts and minds of many.

It’s a love revolution.

As this love revolution grows, the Rise of the Empath has begun.

If you are an Empath, you’ll be highly developed in sensing the emotions/energy of others.

You’ll feel everything in your environment; the people you connect with and the places you visit.

As your intuition is so highly developed, you are less likely to apply logic to your feelings.

You have a natural ability to see through the eyes of another, to stand in their shoes and extend understanding and compassion.

It sounds wonderful, but many Empath struggle, as they don’t realise they have this gift and/or don’t know how to control it.

Emotions are energy and the curse comes from being energetically open to the environment around you; the good, the bad and the ugly, without an off switch.

An Empath is like a sponge as you soak up the energy around you.   You will often feel emotionally out of balance and exhausted, without any logical reason.

An Empath that is out of balance is ultimately unable to control and use their gifts.

This gift is often a blessing and curse until you learn to control your ability to feel the energy ie emotions of others and go on to learn how to hold and protect your boundaries.

I’m Samantha and I’m a Life Coach and Usui Reiki Master.

I’ve been an Empath since childhood.

Until I entered my thirties,  I was a sponge soaking up the energy of other people and the atmosphere, whilst leaking my energy left, right and centre.

I was vulnerable to emotional manipulation, struggled to say No and was also a bit of a rescuer.  Talk about energy overload!

I was constantly exhausted and drained.  I was sick and tired of feeling too much; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Until I trained as an Energy Healer.   I realised that I was an Empath without boundaries. I finally understood that emotions are energy.

I worked on my boundaries to give me space to develop my gifts and was able to turn the curse into a blessing. I became a Happy Empath. I now use my gift in my work as a Coach and Healer.

I help Empaths to develop and control their boundaries and enhance their gifts of empathy and intuition, imagination and creativity.

From my experiences and teaching others to turn their gifts into a blessing, I created The Rise of the Empath self-study e-course, to help you to control and develop your gifts in the comfort of your own home.

The Rise of the Empath E-Course launched in August 2015.  Since then, thousands of Empaths have participated in the Rise of the Empath E-Course to turn their gifts into a blessing.

The Rise of the Empath 5 Module E-Course will take you through 5 steps to become a happy Empath.

Step 1.

I share all of knowledge on everything you need to know about being an Empath and Empathy.

Step 2.

I introduce you to your Energetic Body and the Chakras including how to cleanse your energy.

Step 3.  

I teach you all of my tools to develop your boundaries including an Empath Off-Switch.

Step 4.  

I share my ultimate Empath self-care routine to take good care of you.

Step 5.

And I walk you through everything you need including exercises, meditations and more to develop and enhance your gifts of empathy and intuition, imagination and creativity.

This Rise of The Empath E-Course will give you the tools to help you to:-

  • Understand your gift of empathy and the Empath.
  • Develop your understanding of your Energy and the Chakras.
  • Develop an Empath off switch.
  • Cleanse your energy and protect your boundaries.
  • Develop positive habits in terms of your thoughts, beliefs and conditioning.
  • Develop your ability to say NO to others to say YES to you.
  • Develop a self-care routine to help you thrive.
  • Develop your gifts of empathy and intuition, imagination and creativity.

By putting into practice the methods and guidance contained within the e-course, you can develop your ability to control your gift of empathy and intuition.

To be able to cleanse your energy, develop and support your boundaries, whilst using your gift to help others, without draining you!

It’s time to be happy again.

“Thank you Samantha.  The Rise of the Empath is an absolute gem”

“It’s all making sense now.  The (Rise of the Empath) E-Course is easy to follow and understand.  I’m really enjoying the meditations and exercises.  Thank you!”

“The two courses of yours that I’ve taken (including Rise of the Empath) have completely changed my outlook.  I’ve enrolled on a holistic practitioner course after finally making time and space for me.”

“A fantastic resource for all Empaths.  Amazing value”

The Rise Of The Empath E-Course is a five-week online self-study course, available now.  No extra equipment is needed.  You can begin when you are ready and take as long as you need to complete the e-course.

  • Introducing the Empath
  • The Types & Traits of Empath
  • Happy & Unhappy Empaths
  • Introducing Empathy
  • Developing Your Gift of Empathy
  • Emotional Manipulation

  • Introducing Energy
  • How Emotions translate to Energy
  • Your Energetic Body
  • Journey through your Chakras
  • How to Identify Energy Blocks
  • How to Cleanse your Energy
  • Anger & the Empath

  • Introduction to your Boundaries
  • Your Inner Alarm System
  • How your Thoughts, Beliefs & Conditioning affect your ability to hold your Boundaries
  • Learning how to say No
  • Breaking the Status Quo
  • Shielding Techniques
  • Empath Off-Switch

  • Why Self-Care is important to an Empath
  • Loving The Skin You Are In – Physical Care
  • Loving Yourself Through – Emotional Care
  • Meditation for the Empath
  • Crystals & Essential Oils
  • Grounding Techniques

  • Meditations & Exercises to expand your Heart Chakra
  • Meditations & Exercises to connect with your Intuition
  • How to read the energy of People,  Places and Animals
  • Why Imagination is Freedom
  • Developing your Passions & Purpose

Will You Join Thousands Of Empaths On The Rise?

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It’s time to be happy again.


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